MANAGEMENT COACHING: Coaching through Conflict

Sample Management Coaching Program

From Disagreement to Dialogue

Teams and individuals develop their own patterns of thinking and relating to each other. While locked in these patterns, team members may do what they have always done and be unable to see or hear each other in new ways.

Coaching through Conflict is a process of helping team members engage more productively. Through “discovery sessions” your employees will learn to step back and reflect on how their ways of interacting are contributing to the inertia of the team process. This awareness holds their attention as skill-building experiences, focused around real time work related tasks, help them engage in constructive behaviors such as:

  • Relaxing under pressure
  • Adopting an “open” stance
  • Dissolving silos and building trust
  • Listening and responding — quieting the “internal chatter”
  • Hearing and responding to the ideas of others
  • Being aware of how team members are affecting the group

In a series of sessions Bob will coach your team to adopt new skills for communicating and providing mutual respect and support. Use of these skills helps your team move through roadblocks and allows their talents and technical competencies to emerge. Bob then presents the team with observations and questions that help the team define, think through and accomplish goals.


“Bob Forte is highly skilled in assisting individuals and groups working through conflict to develop creative, collaborative and resilient teams.”

~ Peggy Barylak, MBA, Senior Consultant, Employee and Labor Relations

The following page presents a sample of applications in the Discovering Dialogue Coaching Program.

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