MANAGEMENT COACHING: Discovering Dialogue

Management Coaching

Enhancing the Talent of Employees and Teams

Do you want to increase your team’s productivity and measurable outcomes?
Do you want energetic teams working toward a shared vision?
Is your family-run business focused on transition planning and innovation into the future?

Organizations profit from the development of interactive skill sets which build synergy, resilience and creativity. These practices enable teams to maximize their time and energy by promoting engagement, problem solving and innovative thinking. Proficiencies such as clarity, responsiveness, creative disagreement and mutual support help your teams move forward rather than be deflected into less than helpful detours. Your team’s talents can then be directed toward their missions and desired outcomes.

Dialogue is the initial step in the creation of value.

Discovering Dialogue is a coaching program in which Bob works with your team over a period of time. Coaching is tailored to your team’s goals using a system that is clear, direct and immediately usable. Participants will learn how to help their teams become more effective and experience how their individual input affects team functioning. Clients report increased ability to interact in a focused manner with less stress and increased team engagement.

The Discovering Dialogue process is centered on maximizing face-to-face interactions in teams at all levels of performance. Teams learn to take a “mental step” back to reflect on their discussions and then make more effective choices about how to interact differently.


“Mr. Forte’s knowledge is well grounded not only in his education and training but also in practical experience. Bob is an asset to the Central Ohio Community.”

~Paul Denton MBA; MSCJ. Chief, University Police Division, The Ohio State University

The following page presents a sample of applications in the Discovering Dialogue Coaching Program.

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