MANAGEMENT COACHING: Families in Business

Sample Management Coaching Program

“Working Together is success” quote by Henry Ford

Family-run businesses face unique issues when striving to thrive through successive generations of leadership. In addition to encountering challenges faced by most businesses today; competition, limited capital, innovating into the future, family-run businesses face internal challenges while preparing the next generation leaders to take the reins. Common stressors are:

  • Managing disagreement arising from disparate goals held by the nuclear families of potential successors
  • Negotiating differing leadership styles and vision for change into the future
  • Working through unresolved tensions within the extended family
  • Designing and implementing mentorship and transition planning
  • Developing the new leaders into a functioning team
  • Gaining buy-in and trust from customers, existing staff and middle managers

Bob Forte has developed a deep understanding of these challenges. He brings skill and experience in working with family systems as they overlap with the business organization. His coaching helps provide a focused dialogue between senior leaders and potential successors as they think through complex issues such as product innovation and re-focusing existing middle-management.

Bob’s way of working allows him to build trusting relationships within your team. He presents questions which provoke thought and stimulate a dialogue that draws out differences and promotes sharing of ideas and options. This process assists you in planning and framing a structure for managing the organization and working toward a culture which sustains your business into the future.


“Bob Forte has earned my respect and I am happy to offer my endorsement of his coaching. His work with us has been a resounding success.”

~ Steven J. Reeves, CEO, P & R Communications, Inc.