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Gestalt Therapy and Attachment Counseling For Personal Growth and Intimate Relationships
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Robert Forte LPCC, LLC

Bob Forte is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor working with adults in individual, group, and couple settings. He brings skills developed through years of training beyond graduate school with top therapists and understands the stress and challenges of life.

Books cannot teach one how to listen and hear the unspoken feelings and needs that individuals and couples experience daily. They do not portray the hidden anguish behind marriages that, at times, feel near breaking even though the partners do love each other and want to stay together.

Bob intuitively senses what is going on inside a person. His clients do not need to spend sessions recounting history only to find that time passes without specific feedback and direction. His ability to present clear suggestions to individuals, couples, and teams offers hope and stimulates action.

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Robert Forte, LPCC, LTD

Bob Forte, LPCC, LLC

30 Years of Clinical Experience

Robert Forte MA is a graduate of the University of Dayton post-graduate program in Psychology.  He completed multi-year training programs in Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Attachment Therapy.  He was a faculty member of the Gestalt Institute Of Central Ohio for ten years.  He also served as a clinician and organizational coach with the Ohio State University for 13 years. Bob is licensed in Ohio as a Professional Clinical Counselor and has managed Robert Forte, LPCC, LCC for 22 years.

Bob’s ability to present clear feedback to individuals and couples offers hope and stimulates action.